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Baby Planet believes that there are no limits to improving your child's environment.  From the care you provide, to the products you use, to the planet we share, every aspect can play a key role in the upbringing of your baby. Baby Planet's mission is to help you in this journey by providing products that improve the quality time you spend with your child. In addition Baby Planet is working hard to protect and restore our planet, so all our children have a fresh clean environment to flourish in.

Baby Planet uses cutting edge technology along with an innovative spirit to shape a new line of products that are safe, durable, convenient and stylish, with a few new ideas that set Baby Planet apart from the rest. Every new product they introduce is done so with the intent to provide new advantages and solve age old problems to improve the care giving experience.

For the world that surrounds your baby...Baby Planet.

Baby Planet is a Green Company and very concerned with the current state of the environment and the continued overcrowding of landfills by discarded consumer products.  In an effort to reverse this negative trend they would like to help you recycle your Baby Planet product.  Additionally, they would also like to do their part to help families in need by helping you to donate your usable products.

If you feel there is still life left in your stroller, please click the donate button and Baby Planet will help you get it to a family in need.

In fact, Baby Planet will be happy to accept any brand of stroller and may also have use for other children's products.

If your Baby Planet product is no longer road worthy or functional, please click the recycle button and we'll show you how we can help you recycle and keep your item out of a land fill.