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Here at, we take product safety very seriously. Below are statements we have received from our most popular brands regarding their safety standards and procedures.

Alex Toys

Thank you for your interest in ALEX toys. We appreciate your concern, especially considering the recent recalls for lead and magnets in children's products, and products in general that come from China.

Please be reassured that we take safety very seriously. We test each of our products thoroughly to make sure that they are safe for children, both in the design of the product and the materials that are used to make them. We test to make sure that there is no lead in the products.

Most of our toys come from factories that we have been doing business with for many years, and they are partners with us in ensuring the high quality of our products.

The toy industry works continuously to strengthen our rigorous testing and inspection procedures and ensure safe toys. While no one likes to see recalls, the industry's ability to identify problems and recall products is one of the safety valves of the process. The recent recalls are product- and company- specific and do not reflect the fundamental safety of the toys on the shelves. All questions specifically related to those recalls should be directed to the companies involved.

I hope this helps reassure you and we look forward to your continued patronage.

Drew Metz
Director of Product Quality and Engineering

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over-sees the safety of products sold in the United States. In 2008, in response to safety concerns created by recalls of imported toys last year, the federal govenment instructed the CPSC to enforce what has been a list of voluntary safety "guidelines" as safety "requirements". The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 includes regulations that are to be phased in over time. The CPSC and manufacturers are in the process of developing systems and procedures to insure products sold in the US comply with the regulations established by congress. We will provide information related to this process as it evolves.

One of the requirements of the new regulations is that we clearly identify where our products are made. You can rest assured: All Beka wood products are made by us (Beka, Inc.) in our shop in St. Paul, MN (USA).

We are also required to clearly state: our products are designed to be assembled by adults. Many of our products are sold with hardware (screws, bolts, washers, wing nuts) an adult will use in the assembly process. Prior to its use, hardware can pose a hazard to children (small parts and sharp points); in addition plastic bags used to hold hardware and product components can pose a hazard to young children. Never let children play with loose hardware or plastic bags. Please dispose of any unused hardware, plastic bags and any packing material appropriately.

Since our beginning, Beka products have been designed to comply with CPSC safety guidelines. We test our products ourselves and send samples to third party labs for them to test and certify. Our focus on natural woods allows us to avoid most of the recent safety concerns (since we don't use surface finishes, we don't need to worry about lead or heavy metals in paint). Still, we test our raw materials for safety: hard maple, Baltic Birch, and chalkboard and markerboard panels we purchase from other US manufacturers. Our use of material from domestic sources makes our lives relatively easy -- helping to insure the safety of our products.

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January 9, 2009

Guidecraft prides itself on forty years of manufacturing quality products that put children and safety first. To fulfill our mission, we design and test our products to meet or exceed mandatory safety standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We recognize that certain product components, such as paint and magnets have come under increased scrutiny. As such, we batch-test our paints prior to production for the presence of heavy metals, and have increased both our overseas and domestic testing protocals and quality assurance systems to provide you with safe, durable, and lasting products that will bring years of enjoyment.

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Safety Message
February 11, 2009

Dear Parents and Retailers:

At KidKraft, safety and quality are our top priorities. The children's products industry has undergone some pivotal changes in both safety and quality and KidKraft products remain compliant with all new laws and policies.

As you know, the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) went into effect for lead and phthalate limits on February 10, 2009. KidKraft has already taken action to guarantee that we meet these new safety requirements.

KidKraft has employed third-party certified labs for many years to test our products and see that they meet all applicable U.S. regulatory safety standards. Our testing program ensures that the products meet or exceed all requirements, including mechanical hazards, lead and other heavy metals, and flammability.

Also new this year is the California Air Resources Board (CARB) ACTM 93120 requirement that sets limits on formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products being sold into California. Our suppliers have been notified about these limits in detail, and we are taking action to make certain CARB-compliant materials are in our supply chain for Phase I. As the CARB phases are implemented over the next four years, KidKraft’s products will comply each step of the way.

You have my commitment that KidKraft remains vigilant in ongoing testing and auditing to deliver products you have come to trust.

Thank you for your continued support.


Steven Z. Lampert

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Levels of Discovery

At Levels of Discovery we take product safety matters very seriously and want to share with you our safety standards and procedures:

  • We produce our product in a single factory in China where we are virtually the only customer. Therefore, the standards are our standards and are rigorously upheld and followed by the factory's management and staff. Prior to founding Levels of Discovery, I had been doing business with this factory for fifteen years and it continues to have an excellent and unblemished quality and safety record.
  • All of our products are tested by an independent, 3rd party, internationally recognized testing laboratory. They conduct all required and recommended testing as developed by the CPSC (US agency) and other regulatory agencies. No product is allowed into production until all tests have been passed and I have received the full, detailed report.
  • Our paint is continuously re-certified to ensure compliance with all standards for lead or heavy metal content.

As we have said before, "We treat our products like they are being made for our own children!" In fact, the entire Levels of Discovery team owns and regularly gives our products to family and friends. I promise you, as the owner and CEO, that we always have and will continue to take the design, quality and safety of our products very seriously. We want you to be satisfied and comfortable with your Levels of Discovery purchases, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Jeff Hutsell
Owner/Founder and CEO, Levels of Discovery

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Nilo Toys

Nilo has been in business since 1992, without incident. I will only produce top quality goods that hopefully exceed expectations. With this philosophy, I have and continue to design superior goods which exceed specification, as well. Perhaps 1/4" panels will work, I use 3/8". While 5/8" thick hardwood framing may be acceptable, ours is 7/8". It is my belief that if you do things right, you'll never go wrong. There is no substitution for quality. So, in principle, our products must first meet my own barometer of what quality is. Once that is established, we get into the specifics of ASTM, CPSC and other guidelines to conclude our final product.

For many years, we have had a product safety plan in place. Our suppliers, factories, agents all work toward a common goal of obtaining all factual data on our components, prior to production. In this way, we have no surprises. Testing before production will guarantee the results at the end, given you have trustworthy partners, which we do in fact have. A paper trail is created when goods are purchased and used in our product line. We have also recently decided to implemented a new plan of stamping each piece of wood in an inconspicuous place with our PO numbers. This will more easily allow us to track which supplies were used during a products production. Look for this on all new products produced this year and beyond.

Our table tops approach zero parts formaldehyde, lower than even CA's requirements. We are able to issue the below Certifications of Compliance (COC's). Please note, relative to remaining products needing forthcoming phthalate testing, while our suppliers have indicated our plastic toys are ABS and are not expected to contain phthalates, they have not yet provided us the specific documentation or MSDS sheets on them and we have not tested in that regard, nor is it mandatory to do so until next year. With that being said, we continue to request said documentation and currently are having these products tested. In conclusion, I thank you for your time, your support and entrusting me to bring you quality products that are safe, sound and worthy of your investment.

Nilo Ernst
Founder, Nilo Toys

Schoenhut Piano

Schoenhut® Piano Company, leader in the world of toy pianos, has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing toys since 1872. Our hands-on musical instruments are educational, fun, and safe for children of all ages and abilities. At each stage of product development, safety and quality are primary considerations.

Whether manufactured here in the USA or overseas, Schoenhut goes beyond the government's base requirements for product testing. We use accredited laboratories to test for fire hazard, mechanical properties, construction, stability, and toxic elements. A lead-free finish on the sanded wood surfaces of our instruments is smooth for little hands. The design and placement of sturdy wooden legs on piano stools ensure stable seating.

There has never been a safety issue or recall of a Schoenhut product. We value Schoenhut's reputation for providing safe, high quality toys for children, along with our guarantee of complete customer satisfaction.

Smart Gear / Wonderworld
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Smart Gear

Smart Gear designs, develops, manufactures and distributes eco friendly, award winning, fun, innovative and educational products for children age birth and up. Our product range includes: Wooden Balance Bikes, Rockers, Ride-Ons, Walkers, Blocks, Sorters, Stackers, Teethers, Push & Pull toys, Mini Vehicles, Pretend Play, Organic Plush and more!

Smart Gear is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. We take great pride in bringing award winning, safe, fun and educational products to children around the world.

We are committed to the highest standard of safety & quality for all of our products and packaging.
Our products meet or exceed the highest levels of safety and quality for United States (ASTM-F963 and CPSC) and European (EN-71) standards. Both of which are the two international standards that constitute the basis of most international toy standards. Throughout the entire production phase, we rigorously test all of our products for compliance under these regulations and standards, utilizing factory testing facilities as well as independent and internationally recognized testing laboratories. We have been and will continue to be proactive in the testing of our products.


Smart Gear

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